Hi… the name’s Andrea. I am horrible with About Me pages because, well… I’ve never really liked talking about me. I knew my husband for years before we dated so he already knew everything there was to know about me which saved me the time (and awkwardness) of having to summarize my history up to that point. Together we have three spawn… I call them Schlumpo, Munch and Bubblies, two boys and a girl with no plans for future spawn… we shall leave that up to our brothers.

I am currently a stay-at-home mom learning to go with the flow of things. It isn’t always easy for me. I don’t really like surprises and prefer to stay on a schedule, but when you have three kids hiccups are to be expected. My oldest is (almost) 6 years older than his younger brother and they are vastly different individuals… I thought all my kids were going to be as calm and well behaved as my first was as a toddler… I couldn’t have been more wrong! On top of figuring out how to care for the pistol that is the Munch I gave birth to my daughter 8 days after his second birthday. That seems like forever ago and she is now like Munch’s shadow. Let’s just say everyday is a new challenge that I look forward to and sharing it with my husband (when he’s home) is the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake…


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